Tuesday, January 17, 2012

12 Pack Valentine's Mailbox

This is such a fun project to do with the kids for Valentine's Day.

First we took an empty twelve pack case and cut it in half.

Then we slid the half with the opening into the other half as shown above.

Now you will have a nifty door for your mailbox.

Next: get out some Valentine's paper, glue, glitter, stickers etc and let the kids go crazy (supervised of coarse.)
The kids were seriously entertained with this for 3 hours! Well, the older ones anyway. Not my 2 year old, but she still had fun!

I added Velcro so that the lid would stay shut. Some of the lids stayed up and others kept falling down.

So that looks like a pain in the booty to try to get your Valentine's cards out right? Well..

the good news is it slides back out!

Happy Crafting!

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