Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Mod Podged wood square using strips of scrapbook paper. Topper is left over wood pieces from this sign.

Candles wrapped first with scrapbook paper. Scrapbook paper is taped onto itself. Jute is hot glued at the top and at the bottom of scrapbook paper. Scrapbook paper can be slid off so that candles can be redecorated for each season :).

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  1. I am sending you a picture (via email) of a really easy pumpkin. Supplies: a square of orange fabric, a green pipe cleaner, a green felt leaf, a piece of brown paper bag rolled up for stem and a roll of toilet paper. You just wrap the TP roll with the fabric stuff the ends into the hole and then put them stem in with the pipe clear and leaf attached. A FAMILY FUN idea a few years ago. Easy, inexpensive and after Oct and Nov take the fabric off the TP roll and there is very little to store - no bulk!


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