Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cowboy themed Baby Shower

This was my baby shower gift for my sister. She is expecting a little boy in September.

I used 86 diapers for the cake. I used 46 diapers for the bottom layer, 25 for the middle and 15 on top.
I wrapped a piece of burlap and a ribbon around each layer to hold the diapers in place. The base is a piece of cardboard from one of my daughter's old diaper boxes. I hot glued some fabric over the top of it.
I thought about putting raffia on each layer and around the bottom, but I didn't have much left and didn't want to buy more. I remembered I had some left over brown paper bags after making my husband a brown paper bag scrapbook for Valentine's Day. I took about 5-6 bags and sent them through our paper shredder. I actually like the way the brown paper scraps turned out better than the raffia and it was much CHEAPER.
There are two stars on either side of the horse. They are made from two wooden stars, tooth pics, scrapbook paper and rhine stones.

Here is a look at the dessert spread.

I made these "it's a boy," cupcake toppers. We decided to make the whole baby shower cowboy themed because of the diaper cake.

I also made these cake toppers. There is a D in the center because my sister is going to name her some Drake.

I wish I had taken better pictures of the cupcake stands. They are made from our of cardboard, scrapbook paper and the rest you can find in THIS TUTORIAL.

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