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Just Beckause, I've got Bloggin' on the Brain!

I love creative Organization!!

Check out this Family HQ board by A Home for a Bunny. My daughter is only 19 months old and she is the only child so we aren't quite ready for this, but you better believe when the time comes we are totally going to have something like this. I LOVE it. Truly brilliant. Check out the rest of her post to get more details about the bulletin board.

Check out these refashioned plastic drawers by Simply Living. I have pretty much the same ones in my office right now. This is for sure going on my to-do list! You can check out the tutorial HERE.

This is such a creative idea. I wish I had space somewhere in my bathroom to do the same thing! Liz Marie gives a TUTORIAL on her blog showing how she made this.

May I just say that I am in LOVE with these boxes!! The next time I make over a diaper box, this is how it's going to be done. These were made by Aimee Weaver over at Living a Creative Life. You can check out her tutorial HERE.

Here is another really cute bulletin board made by Cherished Treasures. I really love that there is a mirror in the middle of it. Super cute. Check out her blog POST to see more pictures.

This hair bow holder is so dang adorable. I have Taylor's hair bow holder partially done and I'm starting to rethink whether I want to change it now haha. Anyway this adorable holder was made by Lina at Fancy Frugal Life. Check out her POST to see how she made it.

If you don't know about Choose to Thrive, you should. Nike is amazing! She uses what she already has (no spending MONEY) and comes up with amazing ideas like the above Knock off Wall Pockets. She gives a full tutorial on how over at another on of my favorite blogs ((U-Create)) HERE. Ps. these are made from CARDBOARD BOXES!

I love Aprons!!

I just love everything about this apron, the fabric, the ruffles, all of it. Get the pattern over at Honey & the Moon.

This makes me want an apron so bad. Is it funny that I love aprons and I don't even own one? haha. Just thought I'd share came up with this cute apron. Look how stinkin cute her flats and capris are too. Adorable.

I love Decorating!

Is everyone ready for St. Patty's Day? I wish I had some cute LUCK blocks like these made by Little Bit of Everything. Kelli's my kind of crafter, using what she already has :). That's the best way to do it!

This is my kind of "Spring" wreath. Burlap and Flowers; can't get any better than that. Jenn over at Green Door Designs has lots of amazing ideas for spring decorating. Check out her post HERE to see more pictures of her spring decor.

I love this! Terry from Forever Decorating used an arm frame that would have been attached to the back of a dresser to hold the mirror and made it into this beauty! How stinkin' creative! Check out her POST to see more pictures and get more details.

I love everything about this pillow! I love the fact that it is made out of drop cloth, that there are ruffles (of coarse!) and the color. Perfection. Kristin at Ink Blots and Polka Dots gives a tutorial HERE.

I love baby Leggings!
Fabulessly Crafty used a pair of adult knee high socks to make these. Check out the tutorial HERE.
 I wish it wasn't getting warm out here in AZ or I'd start whipping up some of these like crazy!

I love Play Kitchens!

Oooh la la look at this! I love that it's red, I love the fabric, I love the white back board, I love that there is an old school house phone attached to the side, I love it all. Especially the before and after pictures that you can find at Fresh Cut Flours.

I love FAUX Granite!

There are some SERIOUSLY talented people in this world and Rachel from Wild Whitney's is definately one of them. Check out how she changed her normal white marble counter tops into these faux granite countertops for under $25 bucks HERE.

I love Easter!

This is out of control CUTE and hilarious! Jessica at Me Sew Crazy made this adorable shirt. Get your free printable HERE.

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