Monday, February 28, 2011


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I have seen a lot of revamped shirts with ruffles, but this is by far my favorite. WobiSobi is responsible for this pretty thing. You can check out her tutorial HERE.

I am OBSESSED with this ruffle bag made by Glazed from the Heart. You can check it out on her site HERE. This is for sure on my list of things to do! I already have the bag, now to just get my booty in gear!

I have serious sewing envy from the above curtains. These would look SO good in my daughters room! Frog 2 Fab is the mastermind behind these curtains. See her post HERE.

Speaking of ruffling up curtains, check out these super cute shower curtains at Redefining Domestic.

How darling are these leggings!?! Mama Says Sew gives a TUTORIAL on her site on how to make these cuties.

I love love love love this skirt! Savin' Some made this from a pair of holy jeans! Check out the before and afters HERE.

You know what else I love? Anthropology. Especially this Anthropology inspired apron by Prudently Painted Vintage.

I love BURLAP!!
Check out this cute Burlap purse at La Maison Reid. I love everything about this purse, especially that it is BURLAP!

This makes me want to go garage sale hunting so bad. How Sweet it Is picked up this window for 10 bucks! Notice the backround- BURLAP! So cute.

Isn't this wreath adorable!? I love the neutral color of the burlap against the red door. Our Journey of Life Together created this burlapbeauty.

I <3 Skinny Jeans!

I have several pairs of jeans that I would LOVE to make skinny! I'm Topsy Turvy gives a TUTORIAL on how. Brilliant.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Refurbished Diaper Box for Diaper Storage

This is what I have been using to store Taylor's Diapers in (my husband's idea.) He cut the huggies box so that we could keep the diapers neat and easily accessible.
I thought using the box was pretty genious and ghetto all at the same time. It is being stored in the cabinet part of my daughter's dresser so no one sees it anyway so I wasn't too concerned about the ghetto-ness.

I have been wanting to supe this box up forever, but couldn't ever decide what I wanted to do. I went back and forth about Mod Podging scrapbook paper to it or using fabric. I finally decided that I would use fabric.

I am pretty excited about how it turned out.

First I took my scrap piece of fabric and wrapped it around the box.

Next, I created pleats in the fabric.

I used duct tape to temporarily secure the fabric so the pleats would stay neat.

Then I hot glued the fabric to the cardboard box. I glued the fabric the way that it was draped above because for the inside of the box I used Zebra Faux Fur. The fabric is so thick that it does not show the wrinkles from having the black fabric underneath.

What is pictured is basically scraps I had left over from making a blanket for my daughter. I had to improvise with what I had to make it work. What would be best (obviously) would be to measure the insides of the box to determine how much fabric is needed and cut accordingly.

I took my first piece of Zebra fabric, rolled the edge over to create a hem and hot glued it down. Then I took 1 1/2" tall strips of tulle, bunched them up across the hem and hot glued them down.

This piece of fabric is being used for the side of the box by the way. I continued to glue the tulle all the way across the scrap piece of fabric.

Then I hot glued the zebra fabric across the side of the box. That says "too short" above in red if it is too small to read. Obviously you want the fabric to reach the bottom of the box. Since I was improvising with scraps that didn't happen.
Continue this process to all sides except the front (unless you want tulle across the front.)

Thank heaven this zebra fabric is very forgiving of mistakes. Since I had to use scraps I decided to bunch of the fabric in certain areas. The upper left hand corner gave me a little trouble. Therefore a pretty flower was inserted :). You can find the tutorial for the flower HERE.
When I got to this point I started to think this would be pretty cute as a little bed for a small animal. Just throw in some stuffing and your there. haha

Lastly, I added some rosettes to the front and put in the diapers.

Now instead of a little hidden ghetto-ness, I have a little hidden treasure. :)

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Paper Bag Scrapbook

This little book was so much fun to make. This was my first time using the "brown paper bag" scrapbook method. You can find a simple tutorial HERE.

Yes, I had to censor out some of the cheese. 

I left some of the brown paper bag exposed because I like the look... Okay, you caught me, I cut the paper too small. That was the last of that paper and I wanted to use it. But, I truthfully do like the way it looks haha.

I used an index card, wrote a little love note, then ruffed it up a bit.
On the other side is a picture of my hubbs and I after we smashed cake in each others faces. My husband was playing nice, but I decided to have some fun :)

More cheese Censoring.

I didn't include pictures of all of the pages, but I'm sure you get the gist; lots of lovey dovey mushy gushy.

Happy Early Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tater's Play Kitchen

I meant to post this around Christmas time, but I wanted to wait until the kitchen was "finished." Well, I still don't think it is finished, but I figured I should post it before a year or two passes by haha.

This was my daughter's (Taylor) Christmas gift from mom and dad. I say that my husband AND I built it, but truly my husband did pretty much all of it. I provided the idea, online inspiration from other play kitchens and a few other things we will get to later. 

Back to the building part; my husband built the play kitchen out of scrap particle board that we already had. He also used some scraps of Corian countertop for the play kitchen countertop. That little box looking thing on the left corner of the countertop was going to be the sink, but we later decided we didn't like it so we changed it.

Instead of the wooded box for the sink, we found a bowl from our kitchen that would work. It just so happened to have a rolled edge so it worked out really nice. Brandon cut a hole in the Corian, caulked around the hole, pushed the bowl in and then sat some heavy books on top to keep it down while the caulking dried.

The faucet was made by my husband also. He used 1/2" Copper piping. From there i'm not really sure what he did to be honest, he brought it home pretty much all put together. I wasn't a fan of the copper (it didn't really match the color scheme and I just don't like copper,) so he spray painted the pipes the same silver color as the burners.

Now for my little contribution (yay.) I picked up some wooden birch tread wheels from Hobby Lobby and painted them black. I also bought some wooden coasters from Hobby Lobby and painted them silver. Then I handed them over to my husband and told him I wanted the wheels to be the knobs and the coasters to be the burners. The burners and knobs are all screwed in (the burners are screwed in from underneath.)

Do you like the "wallpaper?" Thank you, one of my little contributions haha. I Mod Podged the paper to the wood. Then I coated over the paper a few times with Mod Podge to give it a nice finish.

I love how shiny the burners turned out.

Oh and the salt and Pepper shakers; I bought some wooden spools from hobby lobby and used the birch tread wheels and used them to make the shakers. I got the idea from Nap Time Journal. You can see here tutorial HERE. I did change it up a bit though. I Mod Podged on some scrapbook paper. Then I coated over the scrapbook paper with more Mod Podge. After that dried I Mod Podged the S and P on. Once that dried I put on one last coat of Mod Podge.

Here is a picture with the bottom doors open. The play food on the bottom right is from Ross. The pizza party is from Kohls. In the upper right is an old box of wipes repurposed to be the dish holder. Bottom left are a few hot pot holders. This is part of the reason why I say the kitchen isn't finished. I would like to have a few hooks on the side of the kitchen to hang these from. Oh and do you see the towel rack on the left door, I really wanted to make a cute hand towel for that. I'm also thinking maybe a magnet board for the side? We will see. Don't worry I will update you with changes :)

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day Inspiration

I have seen so many cute Valentine's Day craft ideas on the blogs I stalk so i thought I'd share a few!
 Here are a few of my faves:

I LOVE this wreath by Lil' Luna. I basically love everything she does. You should really check out her blog- awesome. Oh yeah, she even has a tutorial on how to make the above wreath. Go HERE.

How stinkin' cute are these love blocks by Oopsey Daisy??! Guess what, she also has a tutorial.

Need a good Valentine card idea? 2-7-365 is where it's at. How clever!

I feel like I am being redundant saying how cute everything is, but who cares.. i'll say it again. THIS IS CUTE! Just Sew Sassy has a tutorial on how she made it.

 Occasionally Crafty made this adorable ruffle rosette shirt. I love the matching tutu! Love it? Lucky you! She has a Tutorial.

<3 <3 <3 I seriously have craft envy with this wreath made by Adventures of Z man and Mark!

Last, but not least. MY FAVORITE. Tree of love by Echoes of Laughter.

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