Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fabric beaded necklace tutorial

I got the inspiration for this fabric necklace from Pretty Ditty. However, I didn't follow her tutorial exactly (or at all, really.) I changed mine up quite a bit.

First I cut the fabric 2" wide and 42" long. I used round red crystal beads just because I had them left over and I don't like them very much haha. It doesn't really matter what they look like since they will be covered in fabric anyway!

Then I burnt around the edges of the fabric to keep it from fraying too much. I left a little bit of the edges frayed just because I like the look.

Next I folded the fabric in half (wrong side up) and sewed it about 11" down.

Then I flipped it inside out using a long wooden dowel.

Then repeat to the opposite end, sewing 11" of the fabric in half.

Next I tied a not at the end of my stitching. After the knot I added my first bead, wrapped the fabric around the bead (making sure to fully surround it so it does not fall out) and then tying another knot.

Repeat until you reach the end of the open fabric. (where stitching on other end begins)

This is what the beads should look like when you are finished.

Next I made the flower. I used a tutorial that I found on House of Smiths.

For the back side of the flower I cut an extra circle of fabric (the same size as the petals,) and glued it to one side of the flower.

Then I laid the flower on the necklace where I wanted it and glued the other side of the fabric circle down.

The final part of making the necklace was finishing the ends. I folded the fabric of both ends under so that the edges were clean.

Then I put one end of the fabric inside the other.

Finally, I sewed across the top where the two ends met.

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  1. So cute! I just learned how to make these also. I love how easy they are & they look so great on! I have one on my blog minus the flower if you want to see..

  2. Very cute, and a darling pattern. Jen

  3. Thanks Ladies :)
    Stef, your necklace is so cute! What a great idea to use rubber bands.

  4. Hooray you were featured today! I'd love if you stopped by and grabbed a button!


  5. That is so cute! I just got a sewing machine but haven't used it yet because I haven't sewn since 8th grade! This really makes me want to bust it out!


  6. Very cute I have made a necklace using beads and knotting them but never thought about adding a cute flower.

  7. that is a cute idea to place the beads inside a tube of fabric. very cleve and such a fresh look!

  8. ADORABLE! I my have to feature you on my "Travels in Blogville" series! I'm a new blog hop follower....hop on over to my site and leave your froggie prints at my site!

  9. I am going to attempt this tonight! I love exploring your blog!

    I found you from the blog hop.

  10. I love it! And I like your blog also... Great ideas, Im gonna look at your blog more often. You can check my blog too.


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