Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fabric Bracelet

In my recent blog browsing (stalking) I have discovered fabric bracelets and fell in LOVE. I was first inspired by these that I found on V and Co. Then I found these really cute braided rosette flowers. So naturally, I decided that I would combine both ideas into one. Every craft or project I do is usually a combination of a few I have found on blogs. I do the same thing with recipes. If I find a few similar recipes for the same dish, I pick the ingredients out of each recipe that sound the best and combine.

Here is the end product:

First, I cut out three pieces of fabric.
I made each strip 20 inches long because i had no idea how much they would bunch up once I braided them.

Then I stacked the three pieces of fabric on top of eachother and sewed them together.

I frayed the edges a little, tacked the fabric to the floor and started braiding. I made the braid fairly tight. I decided to make three braids for my bracelet.
After all three braids were made, I sewed them together at the end. I also sewed through straight across (through the middle) all three braids so that they would stay together. I did this every inch or so to keep it tight. I wrapped the bracelet around my wrist to measure how long it needed to be and cut off the excess fabric. Then I sewed the ends together. To cover the mess from sewing the ends together, I added a rosette.

I can't wait to make more of these!

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  2. cute! Im a new blog hop follower. Hop on over to my site and leave your froggie prints!


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